Money Monday – Book Review – You Are a BadAss at Making Money

You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth by Jen Sincero  


First, a confession: I am a self-help and positive thinking junkie. That’s a bold and possibly risky admission for an addiction specialist to use the term “junkie” but I have been a reader and avid consumer of inspirational and self-help material since before I got my own act together in 1991. As such, I was predisposed to enjoy and be more likely to endorse Jen Sincero’s book.

Money is part of an ongoing series of my blog; I feel strongly that money, money management, and wealth are the most under-discussed topic in recovery. As such, this book is useful not only in the book review list but also in the money series.

Jen Sincero authored You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start LIving an Awesome Life and used the personality and tone of the success of that book to carry the more specialized topic of income, wealth, and abundance featured in the Making Money book. I’ve read both; look for my review of the original Badass tome here.

Jen’s style and tone are casual, relaxed, and sarcastic. She’s funny and makes excellent use of appropriate selfdisclosure in her book as she shares her own journey from a struggling to wealth mindset. She also selected a useful set of examples to support the suggestions she offers to elevate her reader’s behavior and thinking to move them towards wealth and away from the habits that bind them to paycheck to paycheck living.  

To be honest, there is little “new” in Jen’s book. She’d be likely admit so herself if she were next to me to ask. Her principles are from early wisdom literature, and found in other places dating back to early literature and spirituality. She does feature an emphasis on taking risks, particularly in the areas of hiring coaches and consultants as the reader feels guided by intuition/prayer. She advocates bold action in this regard, but by her own admission, does not ask anything of her reader that she did not eventually do herself.

Jen makes use of known tools such as affirmations, vision boards, and select support.

She is honest about her endorsement of a higher power, which she generally calls the Universe. She is unapologetic about her casual use of language, including mild cuss words and occasional “f” bombs.

As a reader and seasoned professional consumer of self-help material, I got the sense that Jen was authentic and sincere in her belief of the material for herself and any other person, the applicability of the tools and access to transformation they offer. I got the impression she wanted abundant success for each of her readers.

I recommend this book for persons who are looking to change their thinking about income, wealth, and abundance and are ready to take the action to sustain the changed thinking.


**As a side note, I might not have read this book had the original not been given to me by a friend in recovery when I was myself recovering from a almost cancer procedure. I consider these type of chain of events part of the Universe’s plans. 


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