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Study Skills – In addition to being The Recovery Therapist to professionals and their families, I am an Assistant Principal and School Counselor at a small private school in Katy TX. My role there includes teaching upper level English courses, AP Psychology, Senior Seminar and providing students and their families with study skills support.
Defraging Your Task Manager: Think about when your computer is sluggish, and laggy and not operating well. You hit “ctl/alt/del” and bring up Task Manager? You see ALL the programs and processes that are running on the computer? They are running, using your system’s resources whether you are aware of them or not. They are slowing your computer and getting in the way of its functioning, reducing the computer’s productivity. I look at humans as having a Task Manager. We go through life with systems and processes running all the time, not always aware of what’s running and using our personal resources – impacting productivity. Increasing productivity is about becoming aware of what’s running in the background. Good therapy is about running an analysis defraging your task manager.
IOP Summary: A comprehensive but accelerated presentation on the psychoeducational information given at a typical substance abuse Intensive Outpatient Program.
Building a Better Brain: The science behind the habits, ritual, and practices that support a healthy recovery from substance abuse recovery.
I’m Sober, Why Do I have to Do All That Stuff? An Interactive and Hands Way To Teach the Need for building a tool box after detox. The presentation is meant for professionals to learn a new tool, but the tool is useful for the person with the SUD as well as friends and family.
Building a Positive Recovery Treatment Plan – Guidance in crafting a treatment plan that avoids shame, cliche assignments, and helps the client move towards a positive outcome rather than away from negative past.

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