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Are you in early recovery from substance abuse, and struggling with the demands of real life? Have you tried to quit but can’t stop, or been too overwhelmed to maintain sobriety?

Life in early recovery is challenging, and I can help. We can work together in a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere, developing a plan to change patterns and habits that make you feel stuck, dark, or unproductive. We can reach the goals that make your life more satisfying and hopeful.

Have you been wondering if you’ll ever be able to stop over-using video games or porn? Or compulsive shopping? Or the need to harm yourself to escape shame? Working together we can break the vicious cycles pulling you away from the life you want to have.

Do you need help supporting – but not enabling – family members who are working towards recovery? We can find new ways to show compassion to those you love, while taking care of yourself and staying healthy.

My experience includes working collaboratively with teens and adults in both inpatient and outpatient settings, helping people find ways to effect positive change. It is my passion to help you overcome the challenges you are facing and be the whole, confident person you’re meant to be.

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