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I provide specialized, private, and custom substance abuse psychotherapy services to professionals, executives, first responders, medical professionals, and business owners in Katy, Houston, and Texas.

Are you struggling to understand why you can’t quit alcohol or other substances even though you’ve had significant success in other areas of your life? Would you describe yourself as a “functional alcoholic*”? Would your peers, coworkers, and even some family members be stunned to discover the lengths you’ve gone to secure pills, coke, or some other drug?

You’ve had success with your career, romantic relationships, material comfort, and financial stability. If intelligence, hard work, meaningful relationships, or strength “worked,” you wouldn’t have this substance abuse problem.

I work with professionals who want to understand the nature of their substance abuse problem and develop a discreet treatment plan. It’s common for people to worry that when they give up the drug, they will lose a benefit or effect that was desirable. You may be worried about stress relief, sleep, or productivity. Working together we’ll discover how the drug “works” for you and find ways to create the same benefits without the use.

It’s important to treat you; the whole person. While the suggestion that you attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) (also known as 12-Step settings) is one that has worked for millions, it is not “the” only nor the best answer for everyone. There are many reasons that developing a holistic care plan is needed.

I work with you to respond to your unique genetics, past, specific struggles, and to identify and utilize a skill set that is productive and positive and use this as the foundation of your treatment.

If you’d like, I can provide support, guidance, complementary and supplementary care to persons in the 12-Step community. I am careful, however, to ensure that professional treatment is empirically supported and not simply a regurgitation of cliché suggestions.

I work with professionals in Katy, Houston, and Texas who are seeking holistic care for their substance abuse problem, to help with relapse prevention, and assist the family members and loved ones of those persons.

*Person First language is becoming the expected industry standard. And for the right reasons. The main reason is to acknowledge people as people first, before any other words are used, rather than referring to them in terms of a diagnosis or condition. This is true on the medical side of things as well. “A person with diabetes” is being used rather than “a diabetic.” Using Person-First Language in regard to addiction means someone is a “person with a substance use disorder,” rather than the stigmatizing term, “addict.” It relates directly to dignity and respect. Moving away from terms such as addict or alcoholic, we lead with the person, identify the person, and honor the person – first.


Having followed Joanne’s career since our shared graduate school, I have seen her unrelenting advocacy for clients in multiple settings –psychiatric hospital, non-profit agency, family grief center, private practice – whatever the setting, I know her to be a compassionate and passionate professional.

Lee Walker, MA, LPC - Staff Therapist, The Montrose Center.

Joanne is one of my “go to” professionals as her non-shaming, positive approach to the process of recovery from a substance use disorder (SUD) is affirming and non-judgmental. I am confident in Joanne’s ability to work in any arena including individual, couples, and/or family care. When I send a client to Joanne, I know they are receiving top quality care from a caring, compassionate, and top quality professional.

Dan Caldwell, MA, LCDC-CCS, CCTP, NCIP, LPC Associate

Joanne is a gifted, compassionate, and skilled professional. I feel so grateful to have worked with her on a multidiplinary team as she applied her expertise. She is dedicated, committed, and passionate about each individual encounter she accepts. Not only is she one of the most thoughtful people towards her colleagues, but she also shares her encouragement, quick wit, and humor to lighten our journey as we care for others with complex challenges. She accepts diverse populations, acknowledges each situation, and embraces best clinical practice to guide an individual to a better place. She is gracious while providing awareness, knowledge, understanding, and insight to an individual. She makes life better for people she encounters.

Steven Christmas, MSN, RN-BC, MBA/HCA

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Hi, I’m  Dr. Joanne.

It breaks my heart when individuals are stuck, and families are broken and stability is threatened due to the illness of substance abuse. I want you to be able to access discreet and qualified help so that your life can make sense again. Continue Reading



Hi, I am Victoria Cravens.

I help people who are stuck, depressed, anxious, or experiencing disconnect because of a life event in their past.

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Hi, I’m Marilyn.

I work with people who want safe space to break old patterns, develop healthy coping mechanisms, identify their stressors, and find recovery.

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Here Are Some Places to Get Started

Individual Psychotherapy in Katy, Houston, and Texas

Is your life successful, except for your use of alcohol or drugs?

Do people look at you and your life and assume you have it “together?”

It’s likely you’ve tried to cut back or stop and can’t. We can help you evaluate the nature of your substance use problem and using that evaluation, develop a treatment plan for sustained change.

Click here for more on discreet and professional substance abuse treatment.

Help For Family Members and Loved Ones in Katy, Houston, and Texas

Do you feel like you are living a lie?

Do you wonder if it’s all going to collapse over you?

Do you wonder where YOU have gone and if YOU are going crazy?

We can help you reclaim your life.

Click here to read more about treatment for the family and loved ones of addicted professionals.

Relapse Prevention Planning in Katy, Houston, and Texas

Have you been to treatment more than once?

Have you tried various methods and keep returning to alcohol or drugs?

Addiction is an illness and the treatment for the illness needs to match the aggressiveness of the disease as you experience it.

Relapse is not a character or strength issue. It’s an issue of an aggressive illness.

Read here to learn how Chrysalis Counseling can help address chronic relapse.

Employment or Board Requirements

Are you required to undergo an evaluation or substance abuse treatment for work?

We can develop a treatment plan that meets your employment or board stipulations.

Read more about how Chrysalis Counseling cooperates with professional accountability and helps you with successful resolution.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Have you been clean and sober but still…something is missing?

Are you clean and sober but still feel anxious, depressed, out of sorts?

Making sure to treat both the substance use and the underlying mental health concern is vital. Click here to learn more about those services at Chrysalis Counseling.

Trauma and Grief Resolution

Are you unable to sleep?
Are your current relationships suffering because of past relationships?
Do you feel disconnected and out of sorts?

Chrysalis Counseling can help you sort through the past in a beneficial way and help you sleep, rest, build relationships and even access joy.

Click here to learn how Chrysalis Counseling can help.

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